Picking Favorites When it Comes to Digital Advertising

Digital advertising has been the catalyst for so many brands in reaching specific target audiences and has made it so easy to calculate the exact ROI with each advertisement posted. At first, there were just pop-ups and banner ads, but after a while, the consumer is unable to sort through all of the clutter. In the past few years, I have come across some groundbreaking examples of companies taking the initiative to innovate the typical digital media routine.

My first example would be movie premieres on Snapchat filters. I feel that the most exposure that I have received to movie premier commercials is through TV commercials, which would make sense. However, with the convenience of streaming my favorite shows, ad free, and for such a low cost, I almost never know what movies are even playing anymore. That is,  until snapchat has entered the game. Snapchat, over the past year, has gotten very creative in the way someone can edit their snap using fun and creative filters. Some of these filters make you look like you’ve aged 50 years, and  some make you look like a puppy. However, if you swipe enough times, it will sometimes allow you to see your snap with an advertisement for a new movie that’s out. Now, I know this does not sound as cool when written down, but different movies have gotten really creative with this option!

Here’s an example from StarWars:

Photo Credit

SnapChat has no current system for choosing a target audience aside from using geotagging, but who doesn’t love movies? I think this is my favorite example of digital advertising and just how creative it can be.

Next on my list of favorite digital advertising moves: Instagram ads. Instagram is for those who like to receive their information fast and visually. I would consider Instagram my most used social media platform. Although I primarily use Instagram to catch up on what my friends have been up to, I occasionally see a promoted ad as I scroll through my feed. People don’t like advertisements; it’s just as simple as that. However, putting advertisements on Instagram is so much less invasive than a pop-up ad on a website. The benefit of this strategy, is that people on Instagram are normally trying to waste time. It’s thought of as a quick time filler as we wait for something a little more stimulating to happen. So people might just take an extra moment to look at that advertisement, instead of looking at posts that they have probably already seen multiple times that day.

My next favorite as an advertiser, but my least favorite as  a consumer, is the idea of “suggestions” on websites. There is no denying the fact that this is an absolutely genius tactic for brands and advertisers. For me, there are virtually no downsides to online shopping. I have a search engine as opposed to a potentially aggressive store employee, I can compare different products by just clicking on my different tabs, and I don’t have to leave my bed if I don’t want to! You really can’t get much  better than that.

I don’t go online shopping often unless I really need something. The reason being when I go online expecting to buy a pair of flip flops, I end up with a cart full of flip flops, a bathing suit or two, a beach towel and sunglasses. This is all at the fault of digital advertising, more specifically the suggestions section. Once I find that one thing that I came online to buy in the first place, sites like Amazon and other stores will say “Others who viewed this item also bought:” and a list of items that I didn’t necessarily need. Except now that Amazon thinks I need them, you can bet they are in my cart.

Digital advertising is still pushing the creative boundaries and always engaging the consumer in ways that were never thought possible. It will be very interesting to see the next move that advertisers take with digital advertising.




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