A Nation Divided: A northern’s girl guide to the South

As I’ve mentioned many times before, I am a northern girl who ventured to the South. There were a lot of myths that I heard before I came to Tennessee from Maryland. There are also things that I wish I would have known before hand.

First of all, everyone convinced me that everyone in the South dressed up for class. This absolutely stressed me out. I went to an all girls’ Catholic school for 7 years and haven’t had to pick out my outfit before school since I was in 5th grade and light up sneakers were still in style. So, I went out and bought as many orange sundresses as I could. Little did I know, that is a big fat myth. The thing wear to class is essentially what you wore to bed the night before: a big T-shirt and shorts in the spring and fall, or absolutely anything that will keep you warm in the winter. I was MORE than okay with this myth being false.

Next, I thought that everyone in the south was unhealthily obsessed with sweet tea. Considering that I could take sweet tea through an IV, I was upset to find out that sweet tea isn’t as big of an obsession as I thought.

There were also a few myths that people of Tennessee assumed about my northern ways. I have constantly had to clarify:

  1. No I do not say “pop” instead of “soda”
  2. No, I am not cranky all of the time.
  3. No, I haven’t been raised to hate the south.
  4. Just because I live where it snows all the time, does NOT mean I like the snow.
  5. No, I have never been “muddin'”
  6. Yes, I understand I say “you guys” instead of “y’all”
  7. I also understand that I pronounce the word “ON” like “Oo-won”, so sorry.

Being from Maryland, which is kind of in the middle, I didn’t really consider myself northern or southern. If I go up to New York I might as well be from the deep south, but if I go to  Alabama, I’m about as “yankee” as you can get.

Either way, I love my northern roots, but there’s also nothing like the south.




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