Roommates: Have to Live With ‘Em, Now I Can’t Live Without ‘Em

My junior year of college has by far been the best yet, and this is greatly attributed to my amazing roommates.

My freshman year roommate is absolutely the most amazing human who has ever walked the Earth. We didn’t know each other, but we had one mutual friend. She is originally from Chattanooga, Tennessee but she spends her summers in Rhode Island, where she met a girl who was in my graduating class at Notre Dame Preparatory School in Towson, Maryland. So once my friend realized that we were both going to UT, she immediately got us in contact-and thank the Lord she did because my Freshman year would have me exponentially less fun without her. Now Ellie lives right down the street from me, and that might be the farthest I’d ever let her go.

Sophomore year I lived in my sorority house, but halfway through the semester, my roommate decided to move out. This was very bittersweet to me. One one hand, I didn’t have a roommate which can definitely get lonely sometimes. On the other hand however, I was able to push to single beds in order to make one giant king sized bed. Once I put a mattess pad over the whole bed, it was game iver because I would be in that bed as much as life would allow me to. If a bed was made out of love, it would feel like that bed.

From dorm room to sorority house, it was time that I get a place that isn’t so..crowded. Which leads me to my wonderful roommate situation that I am currently in. All 5 of us live in a house where we all have our own bedroom and bathroom but get to share the common rooms.

So if I’ve learned anything in college, it’s how to be a good roommate. Here’s some tips to follow to make your living situation the best it can be:

  1. SHARING IS CARING- be willing to share but also know when you need to pay someone back for a banana or two.
  2. Don’t slam doors- it helps NO ONE
  3. Do not be passive aggressive- know what you want and need and ask for it.
  4. Don’t talk behind anyone’s back.
  5. Be open to change and discuss the changes that make you uncomfortable.



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