My Happy Place In Knoxville

For those who have never been to Knoxville, I strongly encourage you to make it a point to visit soon. Most of the people that attend the University of Tennessee in Knoxville are from the state of Tennessee and have been coming to Knoxville since they were little in order to go to the football games. This being said, I feel like some local Tennesseans take for granted just how great Knoxville is.

I could go on and on about how much I love this city, but I’m going to focus on my favorite place to go when I’m in Knoxville. Market Square is the place to go whether you’re 21, 7, or 60 years old. There is truly something to do for everyone of all ages.

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Although the restaurants are the obvious selling point, my favorite time to go to Market Square is when the Farmers Market is there. The Farmers Market in Market Square is full of fresh produce, vegetables, crafts, clothing, home decor and so many different specialty items. Besides the implied southern charm that comes with Knoxvillians to begin with, the people who run and attend this Farmers Market continue to exceed my expectations for just how nice people can be.

Another reason I absolutely love the Farmers Market, and Market Square in general, is that it is always filled to the brim with dogs and babies. If ever I’m having a bad week in the spring or summer, I can always count on Market Square to provide me with trust the right amount of cuteness overload to put a smile on my face.

So, if you haven’t visited Knoxville yet, or you have but didn’t take in the full effect of Market Square, I encourage you to to take a visit.



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