My Top 9 Restaurants in Knoxville

As I mentioned before in a previous post, Knoxville is simply amazing to me. One of the best parts about Knoxville is the plethora of amazing restaurants that always have you coming back for more. This list is a compilation of all of my favorite restaurants in Knoxville.

  1. Tomato Head
    • Okay, this place is a vegan’s heaven. They have SO many vegan options as well as many other meaty and cheesy options for the carnivores of the family. Whenever my parents come into town, they never miss an opportunity to go to this delicious and trendy spot.
  2. Uncorked
    • I have only been here twice but I’m determined to get back there any chance I get. I have had great service both times. The menu is always changing, but always amazing. And most importantly, their sangria menu was hand picked by the gods.
  3. Blue Coast
    • Blue Coast is a very good place to go for a good price. Sometimes their service is a little spotty because they get so busy, but it’s often worth the wait. I went here with my boyfriend for our first date, and it was here he learned that I am not a delicate eater- but hey, he stuck around, so thanks Blue Coast!
  4. Tupelo Honey
    • Tupelo Honey has made me understand the craze for biscuits in the South. They have the best biscuits I have ever had and they pair it with the most amazing blueberry jam. Their sweet potato pancakes should be in a museum somewhere-they are truly delicious.
  5. The French Market
    • The French Market was a recent find that my boyfriend and I decided to take my parents on their last morning in Knoxville the last time they visited. They specialize in crepes, and lucky for them, I specialize in eating crepes! They’re chai tea latte (with almond milk) nearly brought me to tears it was so good.
  6. Trio
    • Trio caught me a little off guard because I had never really heard anything about it, but thank the lord I decided to go there with my dad and sister after my 21st birthday. Trio had the best portobello burger I have ever had.
  7. Downtown Grill and Brewery
    • Right now this one might be my personal favorite because I am living on a college budget, and they have the best happy hour deals EVER! $3 margaritas and LITs are what dreams are made of.
  8. Mellow Mushroom
    • Not specific to Knoxville, but they have vegan pizza and calzones that could change the world. Seriously-YUM!
  9. Cocoa Moon
    • Also a secret gem of Market Square, Cocoa Moon has a great environment that makes me feel like I am in a classy NYC bar with a southern charm. I have gotten the same server every time and she is such a sweetheart; excellent service!!




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