The Overpacker’s Guide to Greece

A two week trip to Greece meant I needed to forget about my usual packing plan of “throwing whatever I can into a big suitcase– just don’t forget underwear, wallet, and a charger”—THIS was the big leagues. Long story short—I survived with what I brought, so I want to share the highlights of my 2019 Greece packing list.

My Exact Guide to Wedding SZN: The Q’s Before They Say “I Do.”

I’m not saying I’m an expert, but I have been in a bridal party more times than Leonardo DiCaprio has won an Oscar, and more times than Tom Brady has won a Super Bowl.

From “What gift should I get?”, to “Do I really have to ask his sister to be a bridesmaid?”–I have you covered. This is your Exact Guide to Wedding Season, answering all the Q’s you may have before they say “I do.”

Not Your Average Vanity

My issue with the classic vanity setup? It ends up being a landing zone for everything I didn’t have time to put away before I had to leave. Clothes I tried on but didn’t put back on the hanger? Pile it on the chair. No time to put back all the products I used because […]

Dear 2018, Sorry I’m Late, But I’m Doing My Best.

Spring cleaning, birthdays, break-ups, graduation, getting out of jail, New Years. What do these things have in common? They inspire the need for change, renewal, and purging past negativity as we welcome a new beginning. (You can also probably count on alcohol and an impromptu haircut that we later write off as a “phase” BUT […]